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I'm launching Emerging with my former colleagues & good friends at @Inventure because we believe (paraphrasing Fred Wilson) that the next big whitespace for VC/innovation is in the developing world. But we know how hard it is to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation & technology in markets that jumped straight to mobile (everywhere!), create national identities for a billion people in a matter of months (India) & transact >50% of their GDP from phone to phone (Kenya). And for many who grew up worlds away from places like Nairobi, Lagos & Hyderabad, it’s a challenge to even catch up in the first place. Emerging is our humble/sincere attempt to help. For our first issue, we're sending out something of a crash course/starter kit on emerging market tech. We hope you join. And enjoy :) More background here: https://medium.com/the-upside-of...
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@ajr771 @inventure thank you guys for bringing attention to the world outside of Western Europe/US. we need more of these to foster new talent around the world
I just signed up, this is an excellent idea! I think it's so important to focus on the emerging world when considering the future of technology, and how it will be used by the next billion people who are inevitably going to come online. Looking forward to learning more.
@kunaltandon Amen, thanks Kunal!
Love this - bringing light to emerging markets that are all too easily overlooked is brilliant & honorable. There's no doubt that these markets are where some of the most impactful, and therefore rewarding opportunities will be over the coming years. I personally can't wait to see the evolution of the developing world and the overall impact it has for the greater good of humanity. Also, there's nobody better to do this than @ajr771 & @shivsiroya. Commend you for organizing this. Keep up the great work. //cc @fredwilson
@ajm5338 @shivsiroya Much appreciated Adam. Hope you enjoy it!
Great tool! I live in a Emerging country and always wanted something like that. It's hard to tell the world about your project and I believe this tool can shorten this.
@gabrielreynard Thanks a ton Gabriel. That's definitely part of our inspiration here.
Subscribed :)