Multi channel order & inventory management system

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Benjamin from EMERGE App here, I am CEO & Founder of EMERGE App. Great to join this conversation at Product Hunt. Please do ask us anything. We would be happy to answer! EMERGE App - Inventory management with simple accounting cloud software for small companies to boost productivity. 1. A complete system for growing business dealing with traditional offline distribution & online e-commerce sales. 2. EMERGE full suite of features manages your entire operation from multi-channel sales to purchasing, product, inventory & simple accounting management. 3. We also have a B2B eCommerce platform. Business owners can invite their customers to access the portal and place orders online. With Emerge App, businesses can manage product catalog, inventory, orders, payments - all from a single system. 4. We are trying to step into a trillion dollar industry. Starter accounts are FREE (no credit-card required) and include all features. Excited to get some feedback from the Product Hunt community on our product.
Awesome. Who are you competing with in this space Benjamin?
@ravsydney each software is uniquely different. we're strong if you're a merchant (with 2-7 employees) selling both offline b2b and online e-commerce at the same time. In this space, we are competing with bright pearl & unleashed will be the closest but they are slightly pricey
You had me at "Multi-Channel"! ❤️