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Jimmy Sáenz@yesez5 · Full-Stack Developer
I will try it just because of Puck :D
Jonathan Alpay@suriteka · Developer Student
@yesez5 Ahaha. I agree with you. Puck is powerful. But Emilia is better ❤️
Jonathan Hernandez@xkazex · CTO, Initt
@yesez5 hahahahaha, me too :D
EGÖlST✡Maker@shomin_sample · Maker of the shits.
@suriteka @yesez5 but I like rem more 😄
Jonathan Alpay@suriteka · Developer Student
@shomin_sample @yesez5 Who is Rem ? 🙃
Daniel Doyon@ddoyon · Reading and real estate tech
This is very nice and clean -- something I've been waiting for, especially on Windows -- but the export to PDF doesn't appear to work. I'm using the Windows build. Any suggestions?
EGÖlST✡Maker@shomin_sample · Maker of the shits.
@ddoyon OK, i got it, it's a path error, will fix it now. BTW, you can always open the developer tools too see what's going wrong.
EGÖlST✡Maker@shomin_sample · Maker of the shits.
@ddoyon there will also be a install wizard for the windows version, to make the installation easier.
Puck <3
TeoIzAwezome@teoizawezome · Awezome person @ ().index/thecreativebox
Awesome branding and awesome features! You get a Re:Zero/10!