Emburse Expense Card API

The first card API platform with app integrations

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Hi Product Hunt, I'm Emburse's CEO, Peter. Last year, we launched at Techcrunch Disrupt with a product that focused on expense management, offering both virtual and physical cards for specific purchases to help companies more closely manage employee spend. As our company has grown, so have our clients, and they've been asking for ways of automating card creation and budget allocations. We've just launched an API that allows developers to programmatically control the allowances on cards issued to their employees and to create single purpose virtual cards for vendor payments. Most notably, our API has publicly available documentation and implements OAuth2 standards so that any developer can build app integrations for themselves or for other Emburse users. Happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback on our product. Cheers, Peter & the Emburse Team.
@peterlai This is really cool. We'll definitely be experimenting with the new API!
Congrats on an awesome product guys! What other sort of integrations have you built, or have seen other people build off the API?
@charleyma we're looking to launch our Slack integration soon. This slackbot will allow users to submit purchase orders and associated receipts with transactions right within Slack. If an administrator approves the PO, a new virtual card is immediately created and assigned to the requestor with the exact amount requested. Any notes in the Slack request are added to the transactions on that card. Also hoping to get devs to build integrations to Harvest, Greenhouse, and a bunch of accounting software.
Do you plan to integrate with the Oracles and SAPs of the world?
@ravsydney For right now, we're working on QBO, Netsuite, and Xero. But any developer can take a crack at our API at Emburse.com/api and integrate the transaction data into Oracle, SAP, Intacct, etc. We produce .csv and .ofx outputs that are very standard in the accounting world
This looks pretty awesome. What are some of the best use cases you've seen from companies using your API?
@iamjakestream many of our beta clients are in the on-demand delivery and fleet management space. It's ideal for companies that need to manage expenses for large / distributed workforces. We can make sure cards are inactive 99% of the time, and turn it on for a specific amt corresponding to an order for both physical and virtual cards.
@arogergu makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
@arogergu @iamjakestream We fit this use case, and Emburse has been a major pain killer and perfect fit for us. On top of that, the team responds to questions within minutes. Can't recommend enough.