More than a smart thermostat. Sensors in every room.

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What do you guys/gals think? Enough differentiation from Nest?
@jtriest My cofounder was their designer. Nest is great and I have one, but it's not optimal for entire houses considering the many variables that need to be taken into account when heating an entire house. Interested to see if they succeed in making that message clear.
I saw EcoVent at TS Boston Demo Day recently. Similar "whole house" concept except they are sensing _and_ controlling per room. Seems like an advantage for them, no?
Hey All. We're focused on building a connected HVAC control & management system that customers will love - and have designed it to suit a number of applications for the professional trades, the channel by which 95% of residential & commercial HVAC equipment is spec'd & sold. We're aiming to go places where Nest doesn't, mainly multi-zone applications and small commercial spaces. We think our per room sensing, energy/fuel monitoring, and services for contractors provide a fair bit of differentiation from Nest. I don't actually consider Dip & EcoVent to be a competitor. AFAIK they're looking at a completely different go to market strategy and customer segment. They've got some very interesting challenges with respect to installed cost and battery life for wireless mechanical dampers, but we'd love for them to be successful. Their zoning solution could potentially pair well with our control platform.
BTW - Nice to see you @jtriest & @kam_bain. Hope you guys are doing well.