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#5 Product of the DayJuly 24, 2019
Embrace helps mobile devs find every error, recreate every session on command, and fix bugs in minutes. Think of those freezes during startup, broken purchases & unsolved crashes. Wish, Goat & OkCupid solve all of these with Embrace and debug so much faster.
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Hi everyone! Much thanks, Kat, for hunting and appreciate the support of YC! My name is Eric, co-founder of Embrace and previously of Scopely (Walking Dead, Yahtzee, Star Trek). Embrace was founded to improve every user’s mobile experience whether our own or mobile developers. When building games, I was the 'best' finder of bugs (as CxOs and PMs often are and to the chagrin of the mobile team). Outside of crashes, there was no feedback loop. Feature analytics and logging tools didn’t help. What I wanted was to look myself up on command and reproduce what occurred. Reproducing on mobile is impossible. Embrace tracks every user and every session so that you can recreate any session, good or bad. Think of us as user flows + logging + monitoring in one session visualized, along with a set of easy-to-use tools to proactively find every type of error. Upon implementing in 15 mins, developers always find unknown errors upon going live, and save over 40% of their time diagnosing and fixing bugs. We are lucky to have 30+ customers already, including Wish (solved their 2nd biggest crash), OkCupid (fixed an unknown bootstrap error), and Headspace (found a critical network call that should have fired but didn't - their server tools were blind). Looking forward to everyone’s feedback! Thank you!
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@eric_futoran Super excited about this announcement! Love the product and we're always looking to improve!
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@eric_futoran Very excited to have this out! Looking forward to hearing people's feedback!
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@eric_futoran Embrace FTW! Excited for people to check out what we've been working on!
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@eric_futoran Very excited to share this with everybody and let you see the features that have led so many cool apps to integrate our service!
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@eric_futoran Much love for Embrace! Really excited for people to see all that we have to offer!
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I dunno, @eric_futoran ...Crashlytics reports give us plenty of info to address our mobile bugs quickly ...said no one ever. Really excited for this. Congrats to you and your team!
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@jayyeh Lol! Thanks!
@jayyeh Haha had me in the first half. Thanks Jason!
@jayyeh yeah, there are a lot of devs who are happy that they have more to work with now than just an unhelpful stack trace that somebody handed them, thinking that's all they need to fix the problem
@jayyeh We also track things that you don't get in Crashlytics. We allow you to monitor 3rd party network requests that your backend team just simply doesn't have access to. This is more than just a crash reporting tool. It's a way to know what your app is doing once you release it into the wild.
I love Embrace! They're my go to, and their support is super helpful and friendly.
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@kipper Glad to hear it!
@kipper Thanks Elliot! The engineering team works really closely with the support team, so if you have suggestions on other things you want to see in the product let any of us know!
@kipper awesome to hear! our support team will always go above and beyond
The dashboard looks awesome - excited to try out a mobile first tool!
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@christine_hermawan1 Thanks! Let us know what you think!
Looks neat! Looking forward to debugging with this tool.
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@sqlsurfer We aim to make debugging faster on iOS and Android. Feedback appreciated!