Emblem makes it easy to build a beautiful brand. Upload an existing logo or use our logo builder, and quickly get a full brand kit that you can share with the world.

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Howdy, Product Hunt! Pretty pumped to hunt this. I've been advising the Emblem team and it's honestly one of the more impressive early products I've seen. They're a bit different then most, they've been hacking on Emblem for almost 9 months. And you can tell. There's a decent number of logo builders out there, but Emblem isn't that. They've taken the end to end brand creation process (that they've been doing in their design studio for years) and turned that into software. The product allows you to enter a name and it takes it from there, generating a ton of different starting points. After you select one of those starting points, you're able to modify the logo, icon, color palate, type, etc. The result is a complete brand package that you can run with, and it looks damn impressive. I love products that take typically expensive services (like branding agencies) and make it available to as many people as possible. Emblem does that. Give it a go, I'm a huge fan.
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@andrewdumont Great product!! like how it not just creates the logo but gives the whole context of what font was used, website that can be used for landing page and more! Thanks for hunting this.
It's been really fun over the past few months to explore how we can not only easily create new client brands in Emblem but also manage our existing clients in the app. We now have a way to share the process with them in a more interactive way. We're super excited to share this with the world and see all the awesome stuff you make with it!
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@chrisedwards welcome to the space! We need more people working on design automation. Excited to see where this goes.
This is absolutely beautiful and super useful. Priced extremely fairly....love it
This is really useful. Absolutely loved the user flow! 😍
You are democratizing the brand building process. You are helping a lot of people. This makes me happy.