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Hey Product Hunters! We're going into our open beta this week but I wanted to give you guys the chance to get in a bit earlier :) emble is designed to make it easier for people to plan events with their friends, by letting people vote on dates and ideas and allowing them to collect money from guests. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so feel free to ask anything!
@riaface Few weeks back, I tried to work with your invite only access for a quick tour and my feedback, and I dint work out. Remember? I can do that again if you need so!
@vingar Hi Vinish! Unfortunately we still don't have support for India because of our payment provider, but you should be able to sign up using another country and have a play! You'll be able to use every aspect of emble except the money collection feature, but this obviously doesn't apply to free events :)
Thanks for sharing. There's loads of players in this space both domestically and abroad for different markets. PayByGroup - vacation rentals marketplace Tilt - outings and events with friends. Leetchi for France. Used for birthday gift splitting and shtuff. I'm curious how is Emble's approach different? While Venmo is not the same thing. It's often seen as a close enough alternative and suboptimal solution to the same core problem.
@datarade Hi Kumar! Whilst there are things that do part of what emble does, we aim to provide a more full-featured service so users can take their event from the very first stages of putting an idea together, through to inviting guests and collecting money if they need to. The Plan part of emble is specifically designed to help users decide what to do and when to do it, and this stems from our own experience of finding it difficult to get friends to agree on a date or activity. A lot of people we've spoken to have empathised with this, and many have recalled their own experiences of being involved in email threads where everyone's like "I can do this Saturday but not next Saturday," "Oh, well I can do next Saturday, but Sunday would be better". It gets messy, and sometimes people give up entirely - we want to make it easier for people to plan the event and see their friends. There's two main reasons why we included the money collection element. Firstly, it makes it easier for the person organising the event - guests have to pay in order to confirm their attendance, and the money goes straight into their bank account once the RSVP date has passed. Secondly, we're hoping that if people have already paid for the event, they'll be more likely to attend because they'll be more committed - we think this will increase event attendance and lead to everyone having a better time! We know there are other apps that allow easy money transfer, but having it as part of the event app makes it easier for the admin to keep track of, and they don't have to worry about consistently reminding their friends that they haven't paid up. We think its difficult enough to organise a good event without having to take a financial hit!
@riaface I typed in my email to sign up, only for it to ask me to type it in again after connecting with Twitter (seems tedious to ask for it twice?). And there's no 'Canada' option for country?
Hi Chad - thanks for trying out emble! We're not actually supporting Canada yet, but it's the next country on the roadmap, so hopefully it won't be too long. You can still use emble to plan and run events if you don't need to collect money. Regarding the sign up issue: you don't need to fill in the first sign up form if you're signing up with Twitter - sorry if that wasn't obvious! If you click to sign up with Twitter button straightaway, you'll only need to enter your email once.