Turn any light into a smart light

#2 Product of the DayJune 01, 2014

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Whoa. I need this. Are there competitors for this? Or only ones that include the whole bulb. If price point was ~$15. I'd grab a couple.
Totally need this; much better approach than the Hue, especially if the price is right. Up votes and subscribes for you!
Seems cool, but I can't seem to figure out why some people love scroll jacking so much.
@karangoel scroll jacking is the new carousal. :) @steveonwire - how much are you planning to charge?
@rrhoover - We're working to finalize our costs right now. What I can say is... you're gonna like the price. @mscccc - There are competitors but they are fixture and bulb dependent which makes them expensive. We focus on the common denominator of the socket and decouple the evolving light bulb technology from the ability to control your lights from your smartphone.