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Hey Everyone! I'm the creator of EmberScreencasts.com... thank you for all the appreciation! My future plans for the site are to keep on making two screencasts per week for the next few years, as well as keep tweaking the site to make it easier to use. If you've got any questions you can comment here or twitter me at @emberscreencast
@jeffreybiles this is really cool. I have been interested in ember for awhile, and I think i'm going to dive in later this week using your screencasts. Way to go!
@jackrometty Thanks! My screencasts are aimed at developers who have already have a little bit of Ember experience. Some good getting-started guides are EmberGrep (2.5 hour screencast) and ember-cli-101 (a consistently updated ebook). After you finish one of those, or another introduction, you'll be ready to enjoy my screencasts. Good luck!