Ember Fund

Invest in the entire cryptocurrency market, 1 click & 0 fees

Ember Fund is the first Apple-approved mobile app in the world that allows you to invest like a cryptocurrency hedge fund. We’re non-custodial meaning only you have access to your funds and no one else. Fund a portfolio with as little as $100.

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Hi everyone, I’m really excited to share our product today. After a year of coding, building, navigating legal, and eating a lot of Doritos, we’ve finally launched our beta. Ember Fund is the first Apple-approved mobile app in the world that lets you custody your own assets and buy a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, with just a few clicks. We believe most people should invest in the entire cryptocurrency market instead of betting on individual coins, so we built a product to easily do just that. The space is hot and I know there are a lot of similar cryptocurrency projects that launch every day. So here’s a quick snapshot of how we are different: 📱 We're on iOS - We’re the only Apple store approved app that allows users to buy a diversified portfolio of coins and let you custody your own crypto AFAIK :) ⚖ We’re non-custodial - the tech we’ve built (along with Airbitz/Edge!) allows us to programmatically create and fund all the necessary wallets for you but only you have access to it. 🏦 You can buy with USD - we’ve integrated with Coinbase and are working with Wyre which will allow you to fund your portfolios with a bank account in the near future. 🆓 We are currently truly fee-free - No gimmicks, affiliate fees, commissions, margin on exchange rates or any other fees. We’re not earning revenue right now but will be charging for premium features and / or making a small fee in the future. 🇺🇸 We’re available in the US - and fully compliant Our deal for all Product Hunt users is that we will waive all fees for the lifetime of your account! (Even after we introduce premium features, subscriptions or any other fees in the future!) We'd love to hear what you think. We’re sending out earbuds to the first 5 people that fund a portfolio and give a thorough review of our product as a thank you. Feel free to comment or message me directly with any feedback! Next up on our roadmap (in order of priority) 1. Custom portfolios 2. More coins / portfolios 3. Fund with Bank Account 4. Re-balancing 5. Referral program Last, I want to call out my co-founders! Much respect and credit to the tech wizards Guillaume and Mario for working tirelessly to build this amazing product. Cheers, Alex
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@alex_wang2 Awesome 😄
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@alex_wang2 love the idea here. just curious, how do I secure the PH offer after signing up?
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@sam_lloyd Thanks so much Sam. We have your email and already made sure the offer is activated on your account :) I'll shoot you an email to confirm.
@alex_wang2 Absolutely love the concept and the app, slick and easy to use. a great addition to the crypto community!
The project really looks something to look out for! Just hoping to get it for the Android and give it a try! Great work! 👍
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Amazing product guys! Love how easy is to use. I had my portfolio funded with my Coinbase account in two clicks. Simple and beautiful 😄 Congrats!
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@jorgecl Thank you Jorge :) Glad you find it useful!
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Buying a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies is complex and expensive. This app makes it very easy and without fees


Very easy to use.


Cannot fund directly from bank account but this feature is marked as coming.

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Thanks for checking out the app Nicolas! Funding a portfolio directly from your bank account should be available in the next two months ;) stay tuned!
Enhorabuena por este gran trabajo Saludos desde España.
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