Capture, Organize & Sync Your Screenshots & Webpage Samples

I've been using Ember for the past three months and can't recommend it enough if you're looking to improve your design workflow. For knocking up mocks with real images, it's absolutely invaluable. Rather than have to dig through folders I now have a Projects folder in Ember with a collection for each project I'm working on. If I need an image I'll just drag it out of Ember and drop it in my Sketch file. It's also great for organizing assets that get used across projects. iPhone, Android device mockups and company logos are great for storing in Ember. I've had some syncing issues with Dropbox, however the Realmac Software team was really responsive and helped me resolve my issues right away. Highly recommended.
This app really helps out with my screenshot hoarding =) I've been using it for over a week and it's great!
Sounds like the comments here so far are +1 on the product, which I'll say does look good too. However, I want to share a dissenting opinion on one thing: I actually was more confused after watching the video on the home page. Everything about the video *seems* like it should be a good product video—conventional song, conventional photography, conventional product shots, staging, etc.—but it is edited poorly and ends up being counterproductive. I struggled to figure out what the product actually does and how it's used. The shots are either too close or too far away, the scene switches before I actually understood what happened in the previous, and overall this results in my just not understanding what I'm seeing and makes me want to leave. I think product videos are really important so I share this only as constructive criticism. Right now the video is counterproductive. I'd love to see a video that really nails explaining how simple yet powerful Ember is.
Is this product still available?
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