EmbedKit helps embed rich media in to your site or app

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Would love to get @snellingio in here to get his thoughts.
@blendahtom Hey Tom, I'm here! High level: EmbedKit provides a platform and suite of tools to make embedding and previewing links simple. We helps publishers and consumers manage embed codes from more than 2000 Websites and APIs, including your big ones like YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud, etc. We're moving fast working on more advanced API's to extract content and analyze it for publishers - as well as make tools to help the same publishers make their content more shareable. Happy to answer questions!
This was hunted earlier http://www.producthunt.com/posts... . Is this a new version ? cc @rrhoover
@kwdinc @rrhoover Hm, we've completely rebranded and added several substantial features. I didn't resubmit, someone thought it was useful. http://www.producthunt.com/faq#m... Doesn't seem like it was reason to be pulled. Edit: Specifically, the only feature that was there before was embed. Now there is Extract, Display, and Cards.