JavaScript plugin to embed emojis, media, maps, tweets etc.

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Thanks @bentossell and @vivekj011 I was in college doing a small project where i needed a small plugin to convert emojis for a chat app. Later i added url conversions to it. With time i kept adding features to it in my leisure time. The earlier version was a jQuery plugin so some users requested to convert this into plain JS so that it can be used easily with Angular, React etc. So i dedicated some more time to this and started rewriting it from scratch making it more modular and feature rich, a one stop solution to embed stuff useful in blogs or chat apps. The result is here. I hope its turns out to be useful to others too.
@ritz078 really nice job Ritesh. Can see how this would really help users embed media without knowing much about it.
@paulprins Thanks a lot Paul. :)
This is awesome. We were looking for something like this for a few of our projects. Good job @ritz078
@irazasyed Thanks Irfaq :)
@ritz078 Nice plugin. But website link shared in PH (https://riteshkr.com/embed.js/) seems to be broken (http://prntscr.com/hhk7vx)
@ritz078 tell us the story here :) You can see the project on Github here: https://github.com/ritz078/embed.js
It's like Embedly without the need to go through an external API. This level of functionality could come in handy on a lot of platforms.
@shortformernie Yes you are right but instead of having a long list of supported services ,i have tried to support only the important ones and also include features like code highlighting, markdown parsing, emoji conversion etc. :)
The GET IT button links to localhost...
@sanderdatema Its working fine for me. Here's the link http://riteshkr.com/embed.js/