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Add the details of any Product Hunt "hunt" to your site

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Dylan Feltus
@dylanfeltus · Designer and Entrepreneur
Swweeeeett! Now we need this built right into Product Hunt! Right next to the SMS link ;)
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Eric Willis
@erictwillis · Working on something new
Search for the product you want to display. You'll get a simple javascript snippet you can add to your site to show the details of that product's hunt.
Josh Muccio
@joshmuccio · thepitch.fm
I love Product Hunt stories 👍🎉 So here's a story! Tuesday or Wednesday of last week: @sleinadsanoj recommends that I figure out a way to embed the details from the product I'm interviewing on the Daily Hunt into the WP post. I'm totally on board, but I can't build it myself. @sleinadsanoj says he might be able to help in a couple weeks. Sweet! Thursday o… See more
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Great idea. Very logical
@jnsdls · Yeah, I don't know either.
Great idea, nicely executed. The only thing that's missing is the possibility to login /w PH & upvote from within the widget. (Though I know that is due to the fact you don't have write access to the API. @rrhover & team, this might be one of those apps where you could think about making an exception?) ;) )
Michael John McClain
@mjmcclain · Co-founder of Heilig VRFX
Super excited for this. I was going to email @rrhoover with the idea. Now he can focus on his #meerkat channel. haha