Employee career development made simple.

Embark helps managers simplify the process of managing career development. Define each individual’s career milestones, outline areas to be developed, manage goals, and review assessments to better understand individual needs.
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👋Hi PH! 📖 Talking to peers (designers, developers, etc.) I noticed that some people lacked clarity in direction, and structure to their learning as a result of managers not being equipped to help them realise their ambitions, motivate them, and develop them. If you are working at a company that has really solid processes or tools in place then great! I would love to know what is workking for you and why in the comments :) I’ve used various tools in my career that aim to help leaders understand their organisations and are absurdly simple in their implementation, but what makes them powerful is simply that they ask the right questions. 💡 Embark 1.0 I built Embark to facilitate career development for teams who practice a craft, whom I find to be intrinsically motivated, curious, and ambitious. Embark aims to balance both role requirements and individual ambitions. It does this by helping team members articulate their direction and skills to focus on developing, and by providing the manager with information to become more effective. 💫Features 💪Growth Plans Define a career milestone and outline broad competencies to develop. Team managers can see which goals each individual is working on and how they contribute to their development at any time. 🎯Goals Manage tangible goals using the SMART goal setting framework and see how each goal fits into the team member's growth plan. 📝Projects Keep track of the projects that each team member works on to identify potential growth opportunities, challenges, and to map where support is needed. When projects are completed, reflections reveal their experience and learnings. 👀 Assessments Team members reflect on themselves, their work and their progress to better understand their own needs, and provide valuable insight for managers. See it at: https://getembark.co 💖 Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback! — Sheldon.