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Social influencers are constantly looking to increase their online presence, and for new creative ways engage their audiences. emaze.me offers an alternative solution for influencers to create and curate their own space, with a website design platform and interactive graphics.
Looks awesome!
It sounds neat. Too bad the site doesn't render well on my iPad.
@dereksilva emaze new site is going live next week and is fully responsive.
@davidedri congrats David.
How would this compare to something like Canva?
@itsthisjustin Like Canva, emaze enables everyone to create gorgeous designs in minutes. The difference is in emaze's HTML5 editor and therefore its product scope. Because emaze offers 3D transitions, embeds of live social media feeds, all types of video, audio, etc, it lends itself to more interactivity in its presentation, website and ecard design.