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Justin WinterHiring@jcwinter · Co-founder & CEO, Boostopia
Tested it out and love it! All the other tools to find out this stuff are either enterprise or super crappy experience tools that are very confusing and not helpful. I would love to be able to pay a one-off fee after doing a test like this, to assist me with setting up SPF, DKIM, DMARC. Then obviously interpreting daily/weekly DMARC reports with a nice startup friendly pricing based on total domain email sending volume would be great. ReturnPath is the leading solution but is only really enterprise. Would love to pay $99 to get the foundation setup, then starting at a $10 a month type thing for ongoing monitoring, alerts, etc. I would literally give you money right now if you could do that.
Ajay GoelMaker@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
@jcwinter Hey Justin! Thanks man! I hear you -- we don't have a full service offering right now to actually set up the SPF/DKIM/DMARC for a user, but I can see the need. I'd be happy to help you do this now as a one-off favor. While I love money, you can keep your money for now. :) Hit me up on Twitter if you'd like me to help.
Ajay GoelMaker@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
Hi everyone — thank you @bramk for hunting I built this because I wanted an easy-to-use and inexpensive tool that checked an email campaign for spammyness and rendered screenshots of it in popular email clients. There are a couple bigger players in this field, like Litmus and Email On Acid, but both solutions are expensive and require an API for integration. is a bare bones tool that doesn’t require you to sign up, log in, or learn a new UI. You just send your campaign to, and the analysis is sent right back to you by email. The service scores your email’s content using SpamAssassin, checks for broken links, checks your IP and domain against blacklists, AND shows you how your email renders in popular web-based and desktop email clients (mobile coming soon). It doesn’t matter whether you’re using my other product GMass, MailChimp, Constant Contact, or any other email marketing service because no integration is necessary — just have a test email sent to and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your email will get delivered and looks good across the board. In the future, we’ll be adding rendering capability for mobile email clients and devices, and options for image optimization. I’m excited to be hunted and look forward to hearing people’s feedback.
Itai Neter@itai_neter · Product Manager
@parttimesnob, this looks interesting, I'm a product manager for an ESP, any chance that we can discuss API plans?
Ajay GoelMaker@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
@itai_neter Hey Itai, awesome! Which ESP? Maybe you can tell me offline. If this product gets some traction from today's launch, an API will definitely be in the works. Do you currently integrate with a similar service, like Litmus or anything else?
Itai Neter@itai_neter · Product Manager
@parttimesnob a free api connected to spamassasin, feel free to contact me at
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@parttimesnob, Cool, will definitely try. Litmus will be angry a bit :) Any info about the upcoming pricing?
Ajay GoelMaker@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
@csaba_kissi It's too early to tell, but suffice it to say, our pricing will be lower than any of the other existing players. It's free right now, but will eventually be a low-cost premium service! :)
Petra@meineleserei · Head of Marketing & PR, VisoCon GmbH
Sounds really cool. I will test it soon. For how long is it free of charge? Couldn't find anything about pricing on your website...
Ajay GoelMaker@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
@meineleserei I don't have a definitive time period outlined yet. Right now our goal is to get users who love the system. After we have a substantial base of users, we'll figure out some fair pricing.