Emails That Win (book)

How to write crisp, compelling emails that win you clients

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Paul Jarvis@pjrvs · Author of Company of One
I had a pre-release copy of this book and loved it so much that I gave Robert a video testimonial. Seriously, communication is where most freelancers fall WAY short and this book helps fix that.
Greg Gilbert
Greg GilbertHunter@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
A book written by @letsworkshop It looks very interesting. Robert has an extensive knowledge about this topic.
Robert Williams
Robert WilliamsMaker@letsworkshop · Workshop
This is a book I wrote over the course of the past year. I started Workshop, a service that helps freelancers find work. A lot of members made a lot of money but there was also another group who made nothing. I found out it was because of the emails they were sending, not their level of freelance work. So I started working with everyone individually and extracted the lessons from those sessions into this book.
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@letsworkshop congrats on the launch Rob! can you give us a teaser -- what are some of the highest impact tips revealed in the book?
Robert Williams
Robert WilliamsMaker@letsworkshop · Workshop
@eriktorenberg Sure! I'd say avoiding the biggest mistakes is huge. -- Deliver value as quickly as possible, don't worry that you're giving away the farm for free -- Don't send a super long email, 70-100 words is fine for a cold email -- Focus on the sender not yourself, replace all the sentences that start with "I" with "you" -- Make it really easy to reply, a client should just have to say "sounds good"
Jonno Riekwel
Jonno Riekwel@jonnotie · Product Designer
@letsworkshop Thanks man! I'll buy it! Your blog and general advice has been really helpful in the past year.
Jure Žove
Jure Žove@jurezove · Programmer
If someone knows anything about writing good emails that win clients, @letsworkshop is the one!