Free & fast, temporary emails in 2 easy steps

Fast and free temporary email address in 2 easy steps. Private and secure. Disposable emails that just work.

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I use this service to register on different suspect websites. If the website is ok I register with my main email address. Also, I test my email using Postcards 2, so I create an email newsletter and send to EmailOnDeck directly from Postcards.
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Good utility for when you need a quick disposable email address. Although:
@bulcclub Thanks! We've had 100s of thousands of people taking advantage of the free temp email service! I would note that your twitter post is misleading... it looks like you have a collection of tweets from some marketer, we've never spammed you or sent you even 1 email. In fact we don't send emails at all.
Nice service to protect your inbox...just sign up for a service with a temporary email to avoid spam.
@erictwillis Thanks again for the Hunt Eric! Appreciate it!
I see some unique uses for this. I'll give it a try :)
@cbanowsky Thanks! I'm sure you'll find how simple it works
Let's see if it can beat simplicity of
@romanzadyrako or .... but many of this emails will be rejected to register if you use the email validator, see:
@romanzadyrako They're good, I've used them in the past... but they have some flaws and can't always be used on all sites.
@deambulando @romanzadyrako Yes, and's email works for that email validator.
@elxxx @romanzadyrako until we add all your domains to the list--->