Send email directly from Javascript. No server code needed.

#3 Product of the DayOctober 19, 2019
EmailJS helps sending emails using client side technologies only. No server is required – just connect EmailJS to one of the supported email services, create an email template, and use our Javascript SDK to trigger an email.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
How do you stop people abusing the API to send malicious e-mails?
@calum_moore it relies on one's email provider so I guess they have their own system?
@calum_moore Indeed, someone could copy your code, but they will only be able to send YOUR templates, with your content, and will not be able to send a custom email with their own content (spam). A better way to think of EmailJS is not as a service that allows to send email, but rather as a service that allows triggering pre-built emails from the client side - similar to the way services like Intercom work. In any case, you can set the origin whitelist.
@hypervillain Right, since we are an intermediary, the final recipient will also pass the spam filtering.
Every time you create a website, you wonder how to send a contact form by email? Or maybe a user’s canvas or an automatic payment notification? There are several services for sending emails, but they are either not flexible or not for the browser! We cannot just take and place passwords in the public domain. We need a server for which you must pay, and constantly worry about whether it will stop working. That’s how EmailJS was born, which is easy to use and solves most security issues.
I've been using email JS to power email on my personal website for almost a year now! Great product @emailjs_sergey :)
@donald_morton Thank you for being our customer!
Smart. We've been using two things; FormSpree and the sendMessage component of GraphJS this one looks more granular. Will check it out.
@rosemariepeffle Thanks! There are many ways, I will be very interested to know your opinion.
Awesome solution 5 stars on my end. Thx @emailjs_sergey for this
@tzvik You are welcome! Thank YOU for this