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Once again Aladdin crushes it with an awesome tool/hack
Several days ago I found this research conducted by Email Monks and GetResponse: It states that a video embedded in an email shows: + 55% increase in CTR + 41% more email sharing and forwarding + 20% increased ROI In order to embed a video I need to follow these 5/10-minute instructions: 1. Make a screenshot of your YouTube video. 2. Open and edit it in your photo editor. 3. Put a YouTube play button on top of it (found on Google). 4. Save and upload the merged image in your email. Looks like a good algorithm to automate. This is actually what I did: 1. I turned this algorithm into a simple tool. 2. If you find the tool useful - it's publicly available. 3. The tool is free forever. I also prepared a Bonus: - inspired by this one-url API: Bonus #1: Here's the same algorithm as a one-URL API: Bonus #2: Here's the same algorithm as a piece of HTML code: <a href=""> <img src=""/> </a> Sorry, ProductHunt shortens the links. You can hit "Get it" at the top in order to get the full version.
@happyaladdin I'll try it, but until now I haven't seen any real results by doing this. Of course, it might be because their email software didn't display the image of the thumbnail. I'll try it and see what happens on my next campaigns
@florin_muresan what kind of software do you use to send emails?
@happyaladdin I use MailChimp .. could that be the problem? I've used MailerLite, and they didn't seem to have this issue. But everything I've tried besides MailChimp had pretty bad deliverability.
@florin_muresan is your SPF correctly configured? If not your subscribers will not see images.
@happyaladdin Yes it should be :-) (not really a 100% sure answer). I'm guessing it is because I followed the specs and DMARCian . com says everything is setup fine. It's a tool that helps make sure DMARC always works right and looks for SPF and DKIM.
Thanks for share
It's not working!
@iamdeveloper Can you please tell me what specifically doesn't work for you? You can send me an email to admin at Will be happy to help.
I will forsure send this to my friends who YouTube!