Email Verification on Google Sheets 2.0

An add-on for email verification directly on Google Sheets

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Email Verification Add-on is a tool for bulk email verification directly on Google Sheets, where you have contacts collected

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Katy Maradona
Katy MaradonaMaker@katymaradona
Hi product hunters, We have been here with version 1.0 sometimes ago and your feedback helped us create the right product with the right business model. Let me introduce Email Verification Add-on — a tool for bulk email verification directly on Google Sheets, where you have contacts collected. Some improvements we made for version 2.0: 1. We went from a «subscription» business model to «pay-as-you-go» one. With a free account, you can get 200 free verifications at the beginning and 50 per day after that. If you need more, choose the amount you want to increase that quota by. It is a one-time payment without the expiration date for the purchased quota: * 1 000 verifications for $6; * 2 500 verifications for $12; * 5 000 verifications for $20; * 10 000 verifications for $33. 2. We split the verification process onto 2 levels: Simple (2-column verification) and PRO (4-column verification). 3. We moved to Stripe and relaunched our website. Would love to hear your thoughts. Install the add-on and try it in action. Thank you @riaface for posting us!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@riaface @katymaradona Pay as you go is clever, more accessible for indie makers... do you think this will help reduce churn in your business?
Katy Maradona
Katy MaradonaMaker@katymaradona
@riaface @abadesi I think makers want to use «subscription» business model in every product but that's not justified for many cases. We were those makers too :) According to payment data we collected for the last month, people are more likely to buy a fixed amount of verification requests for fixed price whenever they want.