Email Studio for Gmail

Send personalized emails, schedule emails directly in Gmail

Email Studio adds power tools to your Gmail including Mail Merge, Email Scheduler, Email Auto-Forwarder, Email Auto-Responder, Draft Copier, Email Purger and Gmail Unsubscriber (Lifehack of the Year)

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Email Studio brings power tools to your Gmail mailbox. It works directly in the Gmail website and also the Gmail App on your Android phone. Email Studio for Gmail add-on includes: 1. Mail merge for sending personalised emails. 2. Send later for sending emails on a recurring schedule. 3. Forwarding for bulk forwarding old Gmail messages. 4. Auto-Responder for sending smart auto-replies. 5. Draft copier for cloning Gmail draft emails. 6. Gmail Purger for automatically deleting redundant emails by time. 7. Email unsubscriber for removing yourself from unwanted mailing lists. This utility also won the ProductHunt Lifehack of the year award. Install Email Studio: Add-on Source Code: Video Tutorials: Email Studio works inside the Gmail app on Android as well. So you can mail merge, schedule, forward and auto-respond to emails from mobile as well. If you have any questions, please click here
How is it different from other tools, like Gmass ?
Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜Š My pain point is in mail merge is that the mails goes into spam instead of inbox and the bounce rate is high and opening rate is low!! Any tips or thoughts on solving this issue.
@ayush_chandra Gmail Mail Merge uses the Gmail API and thus emails are sent via the Google servers. The email performance is therefore very good.
@labnol great !! Will check it out and if gave any issue will let you know
Great features @labnol. I've been looking for something that could auto unsubscriber.
@labnol I have some ideas on sales for you. Can we chat?
Looks great! How did you make the demo video?
@highaced I made it with Screen Flow and Prezi