Email Parser & Analytics

Automatically adds your Gmail content to Spreadsheets daily.

Adds inbox and sent email metadata into spreadsheet rows and creates charts to help analyze data. Can parse values from inside email body to a separate columns.

On first launch it will add last weeks emails to spreadsheet. After that automatically adds data daily for the previous day.

Example output:

This awesome Parser kicks most of the competitors with it's precise parsing algorithm. You can get values from inside email Body, even if the message was not very well formatted. Also it's a native add-on for Spreadsheets, unlike many others, that require you to use their websites. 🔥
A .ru website that wants direct access to my email account. Hmm...
@andym_dc Well, it is a native spreadsheets add-on, and it processes data entirely inside your account and Google servers without having to pass it through my server. So technically, website doesn't access your account, it is simply a developers credit. I do collect email addresses though (the only information about you going out from the addon), when you subscribe or purchase.