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#4 Product of the DayJuly 06, 2018

Email Newsletter Checklist is a handy cheat-sheet of various tasks to help marketers send out newsletter or a promotional mailer to their customers. It is a list of actionable items you have to check before you hit the send button. Your readers will appreciate this :)

  • Rami M. Amin
    Rami M. AminNot a Growth Hacker

    Clear Kanban Checklist with all needed elements



    I think this is a simple, clear way to get an overall idea of what to consider before sending your newsletter. MailSwift is adding value to email marketers in many ways, and this addition is one of those.

    Rami M. Amin has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Very handy checklist for someone like me who sends out number of emails every day.


    Nothing in particular

    I find it very useful whenever I have to run any email marketing campaign. It's been more than 2 weeks now and I am quite happy with overall experience.

    Vivek Choksi has used this product for one week.
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Praneeth Babu
Praneeth BabuMaker@p12dpraneeth · Maker
Hello Product Hunters 🙌, We send out newsletters every now and then, it is just after I press the send button, I recollect something I should have done before pushing the newsletter. This happens to me often and sometimes it is very frustrating to miss out trivial hygiene stuff. In order to avoid these trivial mistakes which may cost us our subscribers, we have created a detailed checklist of items to be taken care of before sending out a newsletter. We primarily created this for ourselves but we hope that it will be useful for anyone sending out newsletters. Please do let me know if I have missed out anything or any other feedback/suggestions you might have 🙏. Thanks Rami Amin for the Hunt 🙏
Rami M. Amin
Rami M. AminHunter@rmtux · Not a Growth Hacker
@p12dpraneeth You are quite welcome. This checklist is smart.
Rami M. Amin
Rami M. AminHunter@rmtux · Not a Growth Hacker
I just hope this board goes open. Let's say it clicking on ideas from the list takes to a forum, a place where we can share related ideas or even examples. All in all, I like the way it displays all to check before clicking the send button.
Praneeth Babu
Praneeth BabuMaker@p12dpraneeth · Maker
This is a very interesting idea @rmtux . I am adding it to the roadmap right away
Seema Kamath
Seema Kamath@seema_kamath · Founder of GetLists App
I love checklists so this is totally awesome. In case any of you are looking for a more generic product where you can create and share lists, please subscribe to You can search for lists, download and share to collaborate or you can publish your own lists for others to use.
Praneeth Babu
Praneeth BabuMaker@p12dpraneeth · Maker
Glad that you liked the checklist @seema_kamath. I will checkout Getlists