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Remove hard bounces and email traps from your email lists

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Hello everyone! Glad to be here today, I’m the CEO and founder of Email List Verify, an email list verification tool that cleans your email lists from spam traps, unverified emails and the hard bounces associated with such emails. As you all know, we all have a sender reputation associated with our sender IP, once a hard bounce happens more than a few times, it influences our sender reputation. When this happens, best case scenario: your email won’t arrive to the inbox, worst case scenario: email service providers will black list your IP or domain, and that’s not good for business. I’m here today to answer your questions about email deliverability, play it safe :)
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@achraf_benfdila FYI: On Web site navigation, if I click from the blog back to the home page by pressing the logo in the upper left, I go to a really weird page and have to press "parent directory" to get the home page to reload. Just wanted to let you know!
@whichwayeileen @achraf_benfdila Thanks for letting us know, we're on it!
@achraf_benfdila SendGrid integration coming?
@odower @achraf_benfdila In a couple of weeks we're releasing a SendGrid integration and others, so yes :)
Have big databases I had to sort through from a street survey. Definitely did the trick.
@ismail_haddour Glad to hear that Ismail, thank you for your support :)
Great tool to clean up my lists before I send them using Amazon and get all these bounce complaints
@mhagens Thanks for featuring us Matt, we'll be here all day answering questions about email deliverability :)
I love this tool. It is elementary piece of our marketing tools kit at ;)
@tpindel Wow, such a compliment :) We're blushing here...
Great tool. But feel the pricing is bit high. To compare - Sending 100K email costs ~$80 but verifying for 100K email ID costs $169. Would like to know your thoughts!
@nirmalrajs Hi Nirmal, I'll give you an honest response since price it always an issue. Email verification is a costly service which we provide at almost the price it costs us, with a little margin for profit to sustain the product.. As a benchmark here are 3 companies that I picked at random that provide the same service (with less features, accuracy and speed), you can check their prices. After you'll do that, do tell me your thoughts, our prices are extremely fair...
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@haimpekel That's the best response I have seen to the high price pushback. :)
@james_osullivan Thank you kind sir, I do try :)
Email is comparatively a much cheaper marketing channel that many others eg. PPC. Looking at it this way, the price is negligible. Would I pay 200+ dollars to send out 100k in emails if it were a hobby? Probably not. But if it's a business, 200+ dollars is a rounding error.
@geetfun Do you want my job? Is that your angle? :)