Email Inspector

Clean-up your email list

Email Inspector helps you clean up your email lists.

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Great ! Really need this ! Good Job!
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Congrats on launching @duncangledhill how does your product differ from other email list cleaners?
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thx @abadesi - there are several differences however, one thing that really does distinguish it from other email list cleaners is that we offer a managed service for those users wanting to have the cleanse done for them rather than doing it themselves. Naturally, because we are based in the UK we have to be GDPR compliant as an organisation which is important to other EU companies.
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Does this work with gmail
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@tristan_alluyn Hi Tristan, the automated tool only works with corporate emails but we can cleanse individual subscriber emails (gmail, hotmail etc) for you as a service so long as they are being processed lawfully.
Nice one guys!
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