Email Flows

Email flows from top brands.

#5 Product of the DayMay 28, 2019
Email Flows is a growing library of email screenshots from top brands, so you can find email design inspiration when you're stuck.
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Email Flows is a growing library of email screenshots from top brands. It's helpful for getting design inspiration, as well as trying to figure out best practices around sending frequency, times etc. Most of the email flows are from e-commerce and SaaS brands. Here are some brands that I think do email *really* well: For SaaS: - InVision: - YNAB: For e-commerce: - Chubbies: - Allbirds: It's a fairly lightweight solution for email professionals, designers, and anyone who works with email. For more advanced email monitoring, MailCharts is an awesome option ( Let me know if you have any questions or feedback πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Saving lots of time being able to see email flows in one place without having to manually subscribe all the time. Simple to use. Lovely UX.


Highly recommend to any marketers always manually subscribing to emails for inspiration!


None so far. Look forward to seeing the library expand!

As a digital marketer I absolutely love this! Would be interested to know where you're sourcing the emails from? Are you manually adding them or even crowd-sourcing them?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! Great question - I manually subscribe to the newsletters, then use some automation to screenshot and save the emails as they come in. I could open it up so customers can subscribe to services to track them in Email Flows (potentially to share with teammates or just to not have them in their personal inboxes) at some point, but only if I know people would find it really useful! For now, I'll just take requests of which brands to add from customers.
@ramykhuffash Sounds great! I'd personally love a feature where I could select which brands to register my email for on the platform, then have you directly subscribe to them for me on my behalf.
Really cool! Onboarding and email flows look nice. Focus on Ecomm also smart Looking for more inspiration for your email sequences (what to write, how to structure your sequence, ect)? Check out this FREE library of email drip campaigns: Again, great work man!
Awesome idea, beautifully executed!
@agurejon thanks 😊