If you find yourself guessing people's work email addresses, there is now a low-cost, easy solution. Just enter someone's first name, last name, and domain and our algorithm will find their email address. If we can't find it, we don't charge you.

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A tad ironic that you work for a data protection startup and then violate people's data privacy by exposing their email address to anyone who pays for it. How will you be compliant with GDPR?
@scotty_bowler Hah, valid point. I'm very familiar with the email encryption side of GDPR (as I have to be for my role at Virtru), but tbh have not looked into how this type of product would have to comply with it. I'll be sure to look into that before the May deadline.
@jake_kozloski im sorry to say that from may next year your service will be totally illegal. Cold emails do not work at all but still new sales desperate reps still trying to spam as many people as possible. Services like yours or elucify, findthatlead, etc. Harm more than improve business quality. And at the same time are just gas for SPAM services like mailshake, woodpecker, etc. Why not use your expertise and train people of beign better sales reps and not spammers?
Hey PH, Jake from Email Echelon here. My day job is a Sales Development Rep for a data protection startup called Virtru. I'm constantly finding new people I need to email every day and our team uses ZoomInfo to look up their email addresses. ZoomInfo is fantastic about 75% of the time, but often I'll run into prospects or leads that aren't listed there. Instead of creating permutations of all the possible emails and testing them one at a time, I decided it would be easier to just make an app that does that for me and enlisted the help of my buddy Rob to do that. Instead of just keeping this tool for ourselves, we figured we'd open it up to the world. A couple of tips: - You get three successful searches for free per account. Each search costs us a non-trivial amount so use them wisely :) - You only get charged a token for a successful search. If your search doesn't work (unfortunately our system isn't perfect and not all of them return results), then you don't get charged - Tokens are cheaper in bulk! This is a pretty simple app and we're going to be adding more features in the coming days. I use the app every day and personally find it very useful, but I would love to know what you guys think. Feedback and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks for your support 🙏🏻

I tried to find my own email. It can't find it.

The logged in option is to first link your Linkedin Account and there's no other info about the service in the landing page

My first impression is that it's a lead generation webpage to get your Linkedin Profile. (Which it does)

I'm not sure about the Privacy Policy (there's no link for it in their website) since I already removed my Linkedin profile connection to E.E so probably my email address/name/photo is still on their database.


It can't find the emails that other email finder can't find. It's not any better than the other services and uses the same algorithm.


Too little free credits (Why only 3?). Also, other services provided better amount of credits at a better price.

Jean Pierre, Thank you for the feedback! We know it's not perfect and does not find 100% of emails, but I'm curious what platform you used that uses the same algorithm? I've been using it for work in conjunction with other email finders and Email Echelon has done a great job as a backup when the other ones can't find what I'm looking for. Again, what provider gives better prices on the credits? The closest thing I've found is RocketReach (https://rocketreach.co/pricing) which is more expensive. This is not a lead generation site, we won't do anything with your LinkedIn information, that's simply to prevent multiple accounts from being generated since each free search costs us a non-trivial amount. We will post a Privacy Policy shortly, sorry about that!
Great job !! How’s it different from others email finder ??
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Our algorithm permutates possible combinations of emails using the first and last name then validates them with an SMTP check. This is a different strategy than most of the other validators which use probabilistic models or email scanning tech that require access to your inbox.

I should start with "I get it". A bunch of sales people types on quotas or cold call mavins, can't rely of lists, etc. so they have to get "creative" about how to get to me. Or customers. Having said that, this just highlights the work that needs to get done in order to close these types of 'loopholes' and so-called creative ways to get at my email address. This just isn't good (nor any of the aps doing the same thing). In taking a look, using a stale LinkedIn account from a testing service got me in to take a peek. Didn't find my email address.


Not much


Another way for our email addresses to get compromised.