Email Design System for Sketch

Sketch file with 10 email templates for designers

One Sketch file, 10 templates, desktop and mobile, reusable components and styles, ready for you to customize. This is a free resource that goes hand in hand with our HTML email templates to help Designers bridge the gap with Developers, enables Designers to move fast and keep their emails consistent.

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A couple of years ago I launched these HTML email templates for startups. The idea was to give Developers a quick convenient option for email templates that work across the top email clients, that are easy to implement with the top ESPs and of course don't break. Since then a lot of Designers (and Developers) have asked me for the source files to help speed up the development process, in particular Designer/Developer "hand off". Here they are. Systemized in a Sketch file with reusable layer styles, font styles and symbols for components. Would love to hear any feature requests or suggestions on how to improve. p.s. while the Sketch file is free the HTML templates are for sale, and the original discount still stands for Product Hunters of 30% off if you use code "hunt30" at checkout.
@leemunroe Great work, Lee. I’ll point our #ixdbelfast students towards this. Email’s something they’re increasingly exploring. Hope all’s well.
@fehler Cheers Chris!
It is nice template to experiment and start with for designers. What I found is usually people stuck on implementations of templates. The easiest way I found is to use
@vladkorobov Thanks Vlad. Definitely implementation is the most painful part of the process.