Email course "ASO for beginners" by ASOdesk

Have you ever wonder what is really ASO mean?

ASO for beginners is a free app growth email course handcrafted by ASOdesk(ASO Tool). Just 10 days, 10 lessons and 11 tests. Only useful information which we have been accumulated over all these years, no spam!

Nika Grigoryeva
Vladimir Kobzev
  • Pros: 

    Step by step you can know core things about ASO


    You should have a free time to learn

    It is a well-structured course about ASO. If you are planning to grow your apps, you should know how to improve the visibility of your apps on Google Play and App Store. Highly recommended for mobile marketers!

    Nika Grigoryeva has used this product for one year.
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Иван Липатов
Иван Липатов@new_user_13511e2191
I have been working with this platform for a long time. I dont know analogs and I am not finding it.
Vladimir Kobzev
Vladimir Kobzev@vladimir_kobzev
course was helpfull for courier app. We hire lot's of couriers though organic search
Mike Shoubin
Mike Shoubin@mike_shoubin
ASO is one of essential things in mobile marketing. Thank you @sergey_sharov for making this course
Andrew Moroz
Andrew Moroz@frostaloha · Aloha Mobile
Perfect product, good webinars and now email course. We have taken it before and it really helped us with ASO.
Sergey  Sharov
Sergey SharovMaker@sergey_sharov · ASO Expert and CEO at ASOdesk
Hello everyone on Product Hunt! We are so happy to be here! I’m Sergey, CEO & Co-founder at ASOdesk, please meet all the team above at Makers section, they are brilliant. Allow us to introduce our FREE Email Course “ASO for beginners”. Just 10 days, 10 lessons, but 11 tests. Only useful information which we have been accumulated over all these years, no spam! Besides, the email course includes free 10 days period in ASOdesk system. Awesome, isn't it? 😁 Learning topics: What is App Store Optimization (ASO)? ASO Dictionary ASO Algorithms How to start working with ASO? How to create a semantic core? Localization Competitor review iOS optimization Android optimization How to increase conversions? Key skills: Setting up and auditing ASO, Develop a strategy ASO optimization, Working with ASO in the App Store and Google Play, Working with conversions, reviews, and localizations. For more information, please visit our site - Thanks to everyone who has been with us on this journey so far, and a warm welcome to newcomers! We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have!