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Easily compare price of the top email autoresponders

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@andrewett Thank you, Andy, for the hunt! The idea for this project started when I was looking for new email autoresponder provider a few days ago. I've had a hard time to manually compare prices so decided to create this small side project where you can find the one that meets your needs in a few seconds. enjoy!
@csaba_kissi nice project man πŸ‘
@gabrielvaraljay thank you Gabriel
Pricing is important, but for me the usability is critical as well. Working with free email-sender which has not-usable interface is such a pain!
@lisadziuba Yes Lisa, exactly, I had a hard time with Mailchimp until they changed the admin area. Now it's much better, but my overall favorite when it comes to admin interface is Mailerlite. It's so intuitive and easy to use.
Sweeeet! Just what our team needed. Can't wait to dig into it!!!
@viktor_nyics hope you will find the right one Victor
excuse my ignorance: what is an autoresponder in this context?
@_jacksmith I meant email marketing software Jack
@csaba_kissi got it, i was a bit confused what the 'autoresponder' means, as I thought it must mean responding to something. so you're comparing like sendgrid and mailchimp and stuff as just mail systems i guess
@_jacksmith I was looking for a sendinblue alternative and spent 2 hours by just writing down everything to paper and compare manually so I've decided to make this small MVP for this. Hope it'll save some time ⏲ for others.
Awesome - this could be superbly useful for marketing projects.
@theashtube Thank you. The main goal is to save time when you perform search.