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Learning how to send a successful email can take years of practice and trial-by-fire. Skip the process, skip the frustration, and learn directly from my best free material on how to become an email master.

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Sinan Yumurtacı
Sinan Yumurtacı@sinan_yumurtaci
Your logo REALLY resembles the one of Inbox by Gmail. Just curious; did you change the colours of it? 😸
Zak Slayback
Zak SlaybackMaker@slayback · Career Expert. | Mktg @ 1517 Fund
Hey Product Hunt! I want you to imagine being able to get an unfair advantage in your next sale, job application, promotion, or launching a new product. Imagine knowing exactly WHO to email and, more importantly, HOW to email them so that they actually want to reply to your email. I've spent the last few years working in business development, sales, career development, and content marketing and have found one thing to be pretty true: Most people write awful emails. Even people who have a ton to offer - they end up torpedoing themselves because they write emails that are hard to read, hard to understand, and hard to reply to. So my team put together all of my best free content on writing great emails and compiled them into Email Academy. This is your PERSONAL LIBRARY to access email scripts, teardowns, and understanding how to craft that PERFECT email. I can't guarantee everybody you email will respond - but I can tell you that you'll get more replies and feel better about doing outreach. Let me know if you have any questions!!