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#4 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2014
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I would have paid for this.
@DavidSpinks Awesome Dave. I want to over-deliver. Stay tuned :)
Hey everyone. I'm on vacation in Mexico but just wanted to say thanks so much for all the love. means everything. thank you!
Signed up! Everything that @noahkagan and @appsumo have been putting out recently has been pure gold!
@will_lam Thanks so much Will.
Stoked to see @noahkagan creating another value packed course. I've enrolled in three prior courses and they all have been amazing.
@nikkielizdemere @blendahtom thank you both. means a lot!
Thanks for posting this @BlendahTom
@erictwillis Nice. Can't wait to share the expert content. Definitely some of the best material we've put together.
@noahkagan Sweet. I'm eagerly anticipating this Noah.