Elsewhere 3D

Glasses that turn any video into immersive 3D 😎

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@aza @wendellen_li It does sound magical, I got here calling BS, but now I'm a bit more convinced, although I'm still skeptical about that quote.. otherwise it sounds great. On a side note, you probably should research the slang meaning of "Netflix and chill." adding the adjective immersive just made me 😂😂😂 but that's me, I'm known for being an idiot. :) Cheers
@aza @wendellen_li On a more important note, do take a look at what's up with https://elsewhere.xyz/media/ I'm getting a 402 fetching the The firebase resources
You have a typo on your home page. Makes it hard to trust a product with such lofty claims. It's ISN'T THE REAL WOLRD ALREADY IN 3D?. Also, what the hell is a Technomage?
@lsherman Thanks for the typo find. Fixed.
I'm in. Super interesting product. Love the video / branding / aesthetic.
Intriguing. Is there an option for people who already own frames? (I'm assuming that most of the magic is happening in the app, not in the frame).
@frassmith There isn't. We did a lot of testing on frames—you can hold these with an iPhone 6 Plus in them and shake—and wanted to create a whole experience.
It's kind of insane to me that the 1938 Stereoscope design is back in use with @Cardboard and now Elsewhere (why not call it ElseWear?) - If it ain't broke, don't fix it I s'pose! @aza
wasn't this an episode of The Big Bang Theory? an old bully had the idea for a pair of glasses that makes any movie 3D...but the gang said it was impossible. proved them wrong!