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David Quiñones — Programmer
This is simply amazing, they have a feature to write any word and practice it. The app tells you in which parts of the word you are doing good or not. A lot of speech processing tech in it!
@daquinons I'm Vu Van - founder & CEO of ELSA. Thank you so much for the positive review !! Yes, we built our proprietary speech recognition that specifically focus on pinpointing the exact errors our learners make. I'm so glad you like it
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
This is cool:

keyul — Maker of Bot Stash, Product Huntian
@daquinons add this video in app page on play store.
@rrhoover Ryan, it's Vu - founder & CEO of ELSA. We feel so honored that you commented and shared this. Made our day!! :).
@keyul @daquinons will do that. thanks for the feedback!!
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