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Great project from @alangarrec - Alan mentioned this to me over the weekend and he was kind enough to narrate my story "How I landed a job at Product Hunt - #BlameEricWillis" here: https://www.elon.xyz/how-i-lande... Best of luck Alan! This is awesome 😆
@bentossell Thanks Ben, I was impressed with your level of hustle. Glad you like the narration and glad you're still loving the job!
Forgot to mention thanks to @kikischirr & @mijustin I was a PH virgin a couple of months ago and their books got me up to speed :)
Hello Hunters and thanks @erictwillis! I'm the voice behind Elon.xyz and would love to get your feedback on the site. We're offering a FREE narration for everyone here, just use the coupon "PRODUCTHUNT". Audible is great for listening to books, but why can't we listen to recent news and blog posts while commuting, jogging or cooking? The automated "Read Aloud" services are improving, but they're not going to beat a human just yet. So we spent the last few weeks narrating interesting articles from our own reading lists and putting them online for the world to hear and hopefully introduce talented writers to a new audience. Here to answer any questions all day =)
@alangarrec this is great! I still miss Umano. Any chance you could offer these in a podcast feed so I can download and listen in Overcast?
@chrismessina it's on the cards but we were having RSS issues. Would you like to be able to download episodes on the site? (if it's useful to you we can turn it on in a single click now)
@alangarrec that would work, sure!
@chrismessina your wish is our command, scroll down below the hero image and we've now added download links to every narration :)
@chrismessina Umano was great, I really miss it...in Germany there is @narandoapp, founded by two friends of mine, but as for now they only serve articles in German. @alangarrec Super crazy idea: Take pocket's API and get access to your users' article reading backlog. Identify the top 5-10% articles that are most requested (= saved to pocket) by your audience and – now the crazy part – deliver them back to each user with an _individual_ podcast episode (let's say around 30min. long) on each users' _individual_ podcast RSS feed, which each user then can add to their podcast player of choice (Overcast, Pocketcasts etc.). A 30min. episode could consist of one longer 10min. (reading time) piece, two 5min. shorter articles and maybe four 2min. super-short news pieces, potentially with ad-reads in between to finance the craziness of the complexity the backend logistics (storage, stitching etc.) will cause. The fun part is that each and every user gets his own podcast episodes, to be consumed with their preferred player. If you mark the articles back as read in pocket, elon.xyz could become an almost interface-less product. For a later stage bundling those episodes could then be done on a topic basis for example.
This is so cool. Great approach. Every blogger want their content to be consumed. And 3 dollar is a great investment to have it spread more and more. Is there also a rss feed available so we can listed to it like a podcast?
@buxx Hi Patrick, I was just telling @chrismessina that RSS is 100% on the cards, it really isn't too much work, we just had a bit of trouble trying to get everything iTunes compliant and in the end we decided to launch without it.
@buxx also don't forget at the moment it's even cheaper than $3 - you can get a narration free if you use the coupon "PRODUCTHUNT"
Very nice @alangarrec! Excited to see how far you take this. Useful for catching up on all the content I want to consume but find hard to squeeze in & could be nice alternative to podcasts on my commutes in the car some day :). Obviously I think some content might be a challenge to carry over to this format, especially if there are any important visual aspects to a post (photos, graphs, charts, etc.). Maybe there is a way around this via the audio format? Nice work so far, keep it up!
@aaronmoj - look forward to making your commute a bit more interesting. As for challenges with visual aspects, if it's just a stock photo to fill space, then we normally ignore it. But if we feel it's integral to the article we do our best to describe it.