Elon's Extension: Responsible Edition

Trigger a mask-wearing Elon Musk to dance in your browser

A well-deserved update to Elon's Extension (former #3 Product of the Day)
Anytime the word 'Elon' or 'Musk' appears on a page, a mask-wearing dancing Elon Musk will appear.
Enter "Insane Mode" if you want to push your limits...
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Last year I put out the first version of Elon's Extension and it ended up being one of the top products of the day. I'm excited to announce the v2... Elon's Extension: Responsible Edition This is our latest update to the extension that features Elon Musk wearing a mask. We also made some minor bug improvements in the process ;) Let me know what you think!
The only Chrome extension that can bring a smile to my face and remind me just how angry I am at the irresponsibility of anti maskers. And what's better than that, huh?
So ... it's Elon Mask?
creative stufff :)
It would be irresponsible of me to not remind Hunters of this: 1) Elon Musk family owned a Blood Emerald mine that used slave labor in apartheid Zambia while fleeing from South Africa's apartheid reforms. https://www.businessinsider.co.z... 2) Is consistent with anti-labor practices to further exploit his workers for shareholder value while constantly mocking individuals fighting for decent working conditions (you can compare that to the Nazi enabler Henry Ford who actually subsidized his companies growth with the first employee benefit programs and "allowed" unionization) https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/28/t... 3) Was allegedly a primary benefactor from the CIA-led Bolivian coup last year to monopolize lithium exports (by suppressing Bolivian labor, indigenous rights, and drawing conflict with China's trade partners) https://www.rt.com/news/495820-m... There's a lot more, but the underlying issue is why do people worship this imperialist douche? https://ibb.co/tmpbX8z
@ravi_bajnath Ravi - what do you think the mask is for? ;)
@jessetrowe I see your point. Maybe 4.0 can just be the meme