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NOTE: Bumping this post because of the readathon - start reading the book and share your thoughts with us at #PHReadathon - Ashlee will chat with us tomorrow about the book, stay tuned for more details :) It is my pleasure to welcome author Ashlee Vance for a live AMA starting at 1130 AM PST...Ask questions in advance! Remember: We're reading the Elon Musk book as a community by Sunday and then we'll talk to Ashlee again about it Sunday night! Readathon link: https://www.facebook.com/events/... Also - check out this beautifully done video of the book by @pfanis:
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@BoredElonMusk what was it like being written about?
This is an amazing look into Elon's life and also the framework on how he operates. Very interesting to compare to Ben Horowitz's Hard Things About Hard Things as Elon did not actually wrote it but Ashlee did. This one kept me driving for 7 hours straight and also made me to drive a tesla after reading the book. Extraordinary biography of an (that word probably does not exist yet..) individual & the team behind the future. Little bit longer than expected, but for a reason. One of the best biographies (and also management books) I have ever touched.
Because I have to ask: what's your #MuskLevelIdea? https://docs.google.com/spreadsh...
@beller Buildings with modular infrastructure that can be upgraded and one day upgrade themselves via robots, so that you always have the latest and greatest technology.
@valleyhack: Can you start by telling us a bit how the book originated? What was your intended goal when starting and how did that change, if at all, while writing?
@eriktorenberg The book started in sort a funny way. I was not an Elon fan at all. He'd always seemed to me like a guy promising the world and then very much struggling to deliver, and I'd pegged him as sort a one note techno-utopian sort of a dude. But then, in 2012, a lot changed for me. SpaceX made it to the ISS. Tesla came out with the Model S, and SolarCity went public. That's an incredible, unprecedented run for an industrialist. This prompted me to do a cover story on Elon for Businessweek in mid-2012, and while doing that I was blown away by Tesla and especially by SpaceX, and I also found Elon to have one of the more interesting life stories I'd ever run across and to be a very complex character. I came away from that cover story wanting to write a book on him and how he operates. Initially, I'd thought of doing sort of a fly on the wall thing where I got tons of access to Tesla and SpaceX. That, however, became unrealistic because Elon would not initially participate with the book. So, I charged off in dogged reporter mode and interviewed hundreds of people - his friends, family, enemies, ex-girlfriends, workers, etc. After doing that for about two years, Elon ended up agreeing to do interviews and to give me access to the companies. In retrospect, I feel like the book that I'd originally set out to do would have been awful. It would have likely ended up as such a love fest, and it would have been too easy. Hopefully most people will agree that the actual book that came out has a lot more teeth and nuance and depth and just a ton more reporting.
@valleyhack @eriktorenberg I was curious why there wasn't more about Solar City in the book. I've always felt that it's looked at as Elon's step-daughter, but it's doing arguably the most to change the world.