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Hey everyone! I’m the Curator of Elon Musk News. Twice a week I feature the best stories about Elon Musk, SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop, SolarCity, and Open AI. Feel free to ask me anything. I’ll be here all day :)
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@zacharykd in your opinion what's the best way of getting Elon to do a Live Chat on Product Hunt? 🤔
Hey @nivo0o0! Hmm, as I'm sure you already know the best channel to reach Elon directly is Twitter. You could also send an email to Tesla or SpaceX and make the case for why Elon should do a live chat on Product Hunt. Don't know if that helps at all... Please keep me posted on this, I would love to see Elon do a live chat on Product Hunt! I would definitely promote it on my newsletter and social media channels :)
if you wonder “How can he be so successful?” you should subscribe to this list.
Thanks for hunting this @vladstan!
The world needs more MUSK! I love my musk but had no way of staying on top of his news without just refreshing his twitter, so I really appreciate this newsletter. One of the few I'm subscribed to. #TEAMMUSK
You hit the nail on the head @camerondare! Thanks for being such a great advocate!
Oh. This is cool! As an Elon Musk fan, this will be a great resource for me!
If we live in a simulation, as Elon says, VR is the simulation within the simulation! :-D #Meta. Great initiative, @Zachary!
Haha. That's super Meta! Thanks @john_palmer006