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Daily/weekly digest of what Elon Musk says on Twitter πŸ’Œ

If you like rockets, electric cars, renewable energy, AI, and really, just like thinking about the future, this is for you.

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Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹ I made Elon Daily because Keeping up the latest news is time-consuming. There are a few websites I use to make the process easier (Hacker News, Reddit, Product Hunt) but I still have to actively go to these websites. What if all the relevant information gets delivered to you? Elon Daily is the first prototype that sends you an email digest of what Elon Musk said today or this week. Soon, I'll release the Twitter version so you can follow pretty much anyone!
@charleshancom I think a small but huge improvement would be to include the tweet Elon is replying to for better context. Almost all of them in the newsletter were replies and didn't make any sense until I opened them in twitter and saw the original tweet as well.
Pros: Could be super fun and might pivot into a new and revolutionary news curation feed. Cons: It's just Elon Musk's tweets, right? If we want to get notified about his tweets we'll just, like, follow him on Twitter. Right?
@thecartoonfood There are only two options to follow on Twitter. Normal (feed) or realtime. With this you can say, I want a summary once a week 😁
:D :D haha πŸ˜ƒ
Will totally use it for exploring Elon Musk
Why not just follow him on Twitter? Or go to his profile at the end of the day to catch up?