A beautiful motion sensing light

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Nothing earth-shattering here, just a beautiful light that activates by motion. Looked cool and I wanted to share it.
I like the overall design and usability but I believe the pricing is on the high end for this kind of product.
I like the design. As other posted, there was a bit of a sticker shock but I really don't know what goes into the manufacturing/assembly process. Wondering if it is handmade and how long it takes between changing batteries (assumed it is battery powered?
Actually this would be useful for the AirBnB I'm staying in at the moment... The bedroom is up a metal spiral staircase and there are no main lights upstairs!!! - Bizarre! Forever wondering if, half-asleep, I'm going to be stepping to my DEATH. I don't fancy wearing a torch on my head for emergencies, something like this would be more convenient!
Compared with design, how come these guys decided that price?