Ellp (BETA)

Your new PC assistant

Ellp BETA is a PC assistant that uses Cards to save users time and effort in going through their day. Cards are developed under 4 themes: Productivity, Performance, Security and Entertainment.

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Hello, Product Hunt! Special thank you to Kevin @kwdinc who checked out Ellp and found it worth a hunt!! Here at Ellp headquarters, we are all geared and ready to spend the next 24 hours celebrating our launch with you, answering any questions and comments you may have. We started Ellp with the vision of ‘making Windows great again’ :) We’ve always loved the awesomeness of services such as IFTTT and how they connect devices to the world. Yet we always thought that desktop and laptop users were somewhat left behind. This is why we decided to create Ellp - your new (and cool) PC assistant! Today, we are proud to announce that Ellp now combines over 35 free features - we call them Cards - that saves users time and effort in going through their day. Cards are developed under 4 themes: Productivity, Performance, Security and Entertainment. We’ve come a long way since release day and now Ellp also offers: - Ability to configure cards for multiple purposes - A smarter notification system - Optimised user experience From monitoring your Internet connection and battery levels, to being reminded to do something and get off Facebook, to sorting and organizing your downloads, to automatically load Youtube or Skype whenever you plug in your headphones, Ellp does this and more for you. We are here to save you time so that you can focus on the things that matter most. Hope you like it! We would love to hear your thoughts. Gilbert Founder & CEO at Ellp
@kwdinc @gilbert_camilleri Loved the concept & design. Couldnt use it as its for windows. Can you add some video on site so we can feel how it looks like? And for how much did you acquire the domain? ;)
@kwdinc @evivz Glad you like it! A short animation of how the product works can be found on the top menu reading "Watch Ellp in action". That should give you the basic idea of how it works. Re domain, we went in early, hence cheap :)
@kwdinc @gilbert_camilleri Looks awesome, all it needs now is a mac version :D
@kwdinc @scottdylan Cheers Scott! Let's see what 2018 brings ;)
@kwdinc @gilbert_camilleri This looks extremely nice, Gilbert! I cannot wait to see this on OSX soon. :)
Your UI is simply classy.
@evivz Thank you so much Vivek!
Hi there! I love the idea of your product guys! I guess it must save a lot of time. Could you please tell me when you're planning to launch the Mac version?
@aga_jaskiewicz Hey Agnieszka! Thank you so much for your feedback, appreciate! Right now we are super focused on making this a great success on Windows so I find it difficult to commit to a date for the Mac version as yet. It is definitely something we know it can work really well though!
Is there a place where I can submit ideas for new cards?
@chrissss Yep! You can add your own card ideas, up-vote, down-vote, share and comment why you like or dislike a new Ellp card here: https://www.ellp.com/your-ideas/ It works very similar to PH :)
Ellp 2.0 leapfrogs typical OS "tool apps" by extending Windows' functionality, not fixing its flaws. (Will IFTTT & Zapier-like functionality have a more integrated future on the desktop? Let's hope!)
@kkdub Brilliant observation! We do believe that a huge segment of tech users will find it difficult to move away from Windows cause they simply were brought up like that. At Ellp we would like to dedicate our expertise in making their lives better. Hope others will join us in doing so!