Ello for iPhone

The iPhone app for the ad-free social network, Ello

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Aren't they all "ad free" until they aren't?
Mobile second - I'm so curious about the activity numbers here.
@bramk Same here, Bram. Would love to know how many people are actually using the service on a regular basis.
@erictwillis @bramk I think it starts with a 0 and ends with the same, excluding staff. Everyone rushed toward it last year and then forgot about it.
It's surprisingly a very solid app.. Might get me to start using Ello again. I already found some cool links on download. (of course though, it's all about who you follow) Mine is https://ello.co/dja1o 😏
Is anyone here using the product on a regular basis?
@ranjanxroy I use it sporadically as a place to post stuff, and almost daily as a source of beautiful photography and design inspiration. It's not hyper-active as a social network for me, but I think of it more as a Tumblr-like place with a tight-knit community of people. For example, this is one of my favourite Ello users: https://ello.co/freaktography
@ranjanxroy I Use it regularly, the app has made a big difference in the way I use the platform. I've been on the beta doing testing for the past 3 weeks or so, prior to that I would use it often, but not interact as much as I seem to with the app.
@ranjanxroy I go back on it briefly every once in a while normally triggered by the kind of random timings that the newsletters/updates are sent.
Really great first impression last night! Been using the web app and this could increase usage for sure. Granted, web app is beautiful for the large photography and graphics! 🍍