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Mark Gelband
Mark Gelband@markgelband
dig it.
Brendan Beirne
Brendan Beirne@brendanbeirne · Product / strategy, Joojoo
Nice to see you guys are keepin on 💥
Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
Wonder how many people still use this social network?
Christopher Leach
Christopher Leach@leachy114 · Programmer and Student
@saijo_george it's very popular with artists and photographers
Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
@leachy114 thanks
Brian Chan
Brian Chan@shcbrian
Surprised that Ello is still up
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
I've become quite fond of Ello over the last year. It's like Pinterest meets Tumblr, but with a lot of awesome creators sharing excellent work. In some ways, I'm glad everyone (in tech) thinks it's dead because more artists and visual creatives have taken over!