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It's interesting to see how little discussion there is on @ProductHunt about Ello considering how much it is blowing up right now. It seems to be doing a good job of operating outside of normal tech circles.
@scottbeale this was posted a few months ago on PH when it was still invite-only (and still is, right?). I keep seeing it popup on my Twitter feed and haven't taken the time to dig into it much. What am I missing?
@rrhoover Yeah, it's still invite only. I'm been bombarded with requests for invites. But what is different this time is that it's not just my early adopter friends on Twitter, but my old non-tech friends on Facebook. I've never seen something explode so fast. Part of it is being fueled by recent identity changes at Facebook where they are requiring you to use the same name that you have on your ID . There was also a recent Hacker News post that might be contributing to it, but now I think it has its own momentum. I've been posting my observations about Ello and tracking news stories on my Ello profile https://ello.co/scottbeale
@scottbeale interesting. I'll follow along. Btw, I just noticed they publish their roadmap (labeled "Feature List" in the header). We've considered doing this on PH. I like it.
@rrhoover I really like the "Feature List" too. Makes the product more transparent, opens up a discussion and keeps people's expectations in check. Boom! Will try this out on my new experimental project @spreadecho.
I always love a new social network, especially a strongly opinionated one. After playing with this for a couple weeks though I still find it really unintuitive and difficult to scan. My valleyball estimate is < $5.
@buster I hear what you're saying. I was early to sign on to app.net, but unfortunately it never really picked up.
I like this. Looking forward to it. Looks clean and simple. There's room for this sort of thing out there I think.
@nickgrosvenor very interesting idea. Hoping to check out what is actually looks like soon. Thanks for Hunting @mightyalex.
Ello was introduced few months ago when it first caught my attention. They began giving access to users now.
funny how fast this blew up. Got my name a while ago and w/in the last two days... BOOM