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AristotleMaker@aloumis · CEO/Founder Ellison Eyewear
Hello all! My name is Aristotle, the founder of Ellison. I wanted to share a little story: It took us only one adventure and one pricey pair of “designer” sunglasses, now at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, to realize it’s not healthy or practical to be enslaved by mass produced products. We set out to create a sunglass company that embraces the natural act of loss and will never punish our customers for what life throws at them. Instead, we welcome it. When we lose something as people, we often find something special in the process. Fear of losing your shades should never limit that process. As a company we promise our customers a lifelong membership to get replacement access to handmade sunglasses while never having to sacrifice on style, quality or luxury. At Ellison, we want to remove silly, but very real anxieties about losing glasses while encouraging people to get lost in order to find something great. We are in a beautiful time where you can actually INVEST in this movement. Watch our video at https://republic.co/ellison and be a part of the Ellison community :) Sincerely, Aristotle
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
@aloumis interesting membership concept for sunglasses. So if you lose them, does that mean the sunglasses will be replaced for you?
AristotleMaker@aloumis · CEO/Founder Ellison Eyewear
@nivo0o0 as a ClubEllison member you have access to all future and current collections at exclusive membership pricing. So, if you lose one at $150, the membership pricing is $75. Our frames are $100-200, as a club ellison member, you receive the entire collection for between $55-100.
Andy BilinskyHiring@andybilinsky · Co-founder, Lensabl
@aloumis love the idea. We should definitely chat asap about integrating Lensabl as a way for you to sell prescription lenses with frame purchase (www.lensabl.com). We've built a plugin that allows you to integrate our order tool into your checkout, and then we fulfill the prescriptions as well. Shoot me a note or let me know best way to contact you to discuss more: andy@lensabl.com
Kendrick NguyenHiring@kendrick_nguyen
So, is this Casper for sunglasses? The new Warby Parker?
AristotleMaker@aloumis · CEO/Founder Ellison Eyewear
@kendrickesq Kendrick, that is certainly one way to look at it -- however, with Ellison, we are disrupting the eyewear space by solving three of the most unaddressed pain points, loss/theft/damage and providing premium products at an honest price, with an honest mission!
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
The one deal breaker for me on this is lack of RX lenses. I literally just lost my RX sunglasses and dread having to replace them at the inflated $500+ charge.
AristotleMaker@aloumis · CEO/Founder Ellison Eyewear
@scottwyden Scott, we feel your pain -- which is why we are launching Ellison Optics this March! Stay tuned! You can reserve your pair at Republic.co/Ellison 😎
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
@aloumis great to hear, but I wouldn't join without info on the RX side of it.
AristotleMaker@aloumis · CEO/Founder Ellison Eyewear
@scottwyden absoslutely -- I recommend choosing one of our packages in the campaign that reserves our generation 3 collection, which includes RX - Stay tuned for more info!
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
@aloumis There's still no info on it. So I won't be supporting it. Sorry.
Theoharis Dimarhos@theo_dimarhos · Marketing+Biz Dev at AngelouEconomics
Pure hustle from this team and a great product and concept. Ellison is going places.
AristotleMaker@aloumis · CEO/Founder Ellison Eyewear
@theo_dimarhos Theo, thank you for your continued support and belief!
Amy Wan@amyywan · Crowdfunding/Fintech attorney
Great concept! I cant tell you the infinite ways that I've lost sunglasses--to the point where I now keep my nice pair at home, and use cheap freebies more regularly. Just invested :)
AristotleMaker@aloumis · CEO/Founder Ellison Eyewear
@amyywan we've all been there ! 😎