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Hello hunters. Ellipse is a wireless enabled bike lock and smartphone application that change the way people interact with their bicycles. With keyless access, and solar-charged battery technology, Ellipse increases personal safety and security better than any bike lock in the world.
Digging into my saved emails: > Thank you for purchasing Skylock! We plan to ship the product this Summer. We will be in touch about a month beforehand to confirm your address. > > Thanks, > Velo Labs team > Date 03/22/2015 Needless to say they are way way late in shipping. (In fact, as of today I still have not received any information about shipping my order.) And to the poster above, yes, this is the same company. They changed names, perhaps to avoid being tainted with the innumerable delays that they ran into under the name SkyLock
@stephen_thomas We didn't want to change our name, had the trademark in the US, but were forced by Skynews in Europe. We relented. We understand we are late, but we are shipping 500 units on Monday. Already 100 units were shipped out 2 weeks ago.
Looks like a great idea - but a bit pricey. And what exactly does it regard as a theft attempt? Does it react to all sorts of movement?
@alina_karnaukh There's an accelerometer in the lock and it streams data to the phone with a range of up to 800ft. There is an ML algorithm on the phone which will analyze the accelerometer data and will throw an alert if there is a theft event.
Love the solar panel. Can it charge the bike as well? 😛
@eonpilot The solar panel is an enabling feature of our lock. With 2 days of sunlight, it's able to charge the lock for 6 months of usage. Unfortunately though, isn't designed to charge your ebike. Theoretically speaking though, with 10 locks wired properly, you'd be able to recharge an ebike in about 20 hours.
I think people would try to steal the lock rather than my bike!
@sam_hainsworth Ellipse doesn't have a keyhole that can be exploited, it's mechanically extremely robust, and you'd have to overcome bank-level encryption to get it unlocked.