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Hi guys! I'm Chase, Founder of Thoughtly (@thoughtly_me) and we are thrilled that @ow was kind enough to share our new AI for Research platform, Ellipse! It's been a long time in the making and I hope that you guys like it! I can answer questions you might have. In summary, it's one of the first machine learning platforms designed specifically to accelerate the pace of learning for researchers and students.
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Usual nice work by the team at Thoughtly, keep it up!
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Although it's in the same space, this is a fairly significant shift in product (and possibly in team) from what you were originally building at Thoughtly, @chasethetruth. How did this get started?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, great question man. It's been a journey from when our initial app was featured here 1+ yrs ago, when PH was relatively young. From the beginning we wanted to extract insight from text, it was just a matter of how and for what purpose. We learned at TechCrunch Disrupt last Sept. that there is a significant demand from companies that want to apply our tech (analyze, visualize and summarize text for different use cases). The largest hurdle we faced working with them was tailoring training sets for each individual client. We quickly determined that students and researchers could benefit, if there was a low barrier to entry platform. An actual product that they could interact with, without having to understand anything about machine learning. Most machine learning tools are API's for rent and the burden is on the client to build a product on or integrate. After partnering with several researchers, we compiled a knowledge-base (training set platform utilizes) that could serve as a foundation for most academics and researchers. From there we spent a while building a useful UI that people could figure out relatively easily. Hopefully people feel the same way about it. :-)
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Great team, feel like I'm always seeing them hustling around town
@afrazin We try. :) It's awesome to see @appcharlie growing like bananas. Please keep it up!
As a PhD Candidate i'm actually using this in day to day research for my thesis (perks of being a team member and having access to the platform :) ). I really think Ellipse is showing the future of research, with applicabilities in other domains too. While tailored for teamwork, it can also be used individually and i wanted to ask my fellow ProductHunters if they think there is a demand for the individual user (the current offering doesn't cater for that but who knows in the future?)